A Beginner's Guide to Animal Crossing
A Beginner's Guide to Animal Crossing
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On the train.
When you start the game you will be met with Rover the cat. He will ask you a couple of questions and depending on your answer you will look different in the game.

Welcome to town.
When you arrive at town you realise that you do not have enough money to pay Tom Nook for the house. Instead you will have to work at his shop to help pay of the loan that he gave you. His errands are quick and easy to do. Doing them will help you familiarise yourself with the town and its animals. When you finish his errands the real part of the game can begin.

Let the games begin.
Paying off the rest of Tom Nook's first debt should be easy (only 19,800 Bells) and can be accomplished on the very first day. For now you should avoid doing chores for your townspeople because they will only usually give you clothes of stationary (unless you really want to). After finishing with his jobs you should go check the local dump and the police station for any lost items that you can take. You can either sell these at Tom Nook's store or you can keep them to display in your house.
You should then try to earn some extra money. Go around town to look for fruit trees. Pick up as much fruit as you can carry and take it back to Tom Nook to sell. Continue to do this until there aren't any fruit left in your town. When this happens you should go down to the beach and collect some shells.

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She sells sea shells by the sea shore.
Shells are a great way of earning money because each time a shell is sold, another appears on the beach. Below is a list of shells and their selling prices at Tom Nook's store.
  • Conch: 350 Bells
  • Coral: 250 Bells
  • Lion's Paw: 40 Bells
  • Porceletta: 30 Bells
  • Sand Dollar: 60 Bells
  • Venus Comb: 150 Bells
  • Wentletrap: 20 Bells
  • White Scallop: 450 Bells
Favourite Spots
After doing this several times you will have enough money to buy some equipment. These things are very useful and can be used to make more money or to just make your town a more beautiful place. When you have the shovel look around for a golden spot in the ground. If you dig up the golden spot you will be rewarded with 1,000 to 30,000 Bells. If you bury a shovel in the golden spot you will recieve a golden shovel and if you bury some money in the golden spot it will grow into a money tree. More information on this in the Secrets Section.

Karma for everyone!~
To lead a successful life in Animal Crossing you need to have a lot of good luck. You can acieve this by using Feng Shui in your house. Feng Shui is the ancient chinese art of harmonising rooms. If you co-ordinate your house to Feng Shui you will have a better chance of getting good furniture for completing jobs for your townspeople and you will have a better chance of finding money in trees. Visit our Feng Shui section for more information.

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