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Now talk often to your animals. When they ask you if you want to buy some fruit make sure that you say yes. These non-native fruit will sell for 500 Bells each! Bury the fruit in columns and not too close to signs, rocks houses or other trees to make sure that they will grow into trees. Now all you have to do is harvest the fruit and sell them for easy money!
In total there are 5 kinds of fruit: Apples, Cherries, Coconuts (native on the island), Oranges, Peaches and Pears. Keep in mind that there is one fruit that you will not be able to get from your townspeople. For towns that start with apples, the fruit is oranges. You have to go to a friends town for it if you want it.

Welcome to zee iland.
The Animal Crossing Island is another way of earning easy money. Feed your islander fruit on the gameboy to make him/her happy. When she is happy she will drop money bags of 100 to 30,000 Bells! Move the moneybags to the other side of he island before your islander realises and picks it up again. Re-connect the GBA to your GameCube to pick up the money.

Nook's Store
Once you have paid of your loan there is still plenty to do including the upgrading of Tom Nook's store. You have to meet quota's of how much he needs to earn from your spendings at his store before he upgrades his shop. The first quota is 10,000 Bells spent at his shop and the last quota is 25,000 Bells spent at his shop. To get him to upgrade to his largest shop, however, you need someone from another town to visit and buy something from his store.

Bugs, fish, fossils and art.
Another thing you can do is to find all the bugs, fish, fossils and paintings and donate them to the museum. Visit the guides to help you complete this.

furniture FURNITURE!
To complete the whole came you have to complete your whole catalogue! Very VERY difficult. If you do this please tell me! I don't know anyone who has been able to do this yet!!!

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