The Red Rock
Once everyday in your town there will be a special rock. If you hit it with a shovel or an axe money will drop out. The game gives you 10 seconds to try and hit the rock as many times as you can. Each time you hit the rock, however, you get knocked back a bit - consuming your time. To prevent this you can dig holes around yourself with the shovel. On average you will get over 15,000 Bells: The first 3 times you hit it you will get bags of 100 Bells. The next 5 times you hit it you will get bags of 1,000 Bells. If you continue to hit it you will recieve bags of 10,000 Bells!

The present on the balloon
Once in a while a balloon will fly past your town. Follow the balloon until it gets stuck in a tree. You can then shake the tree to get the present. The balloon will not, however, land in any trees that contain fruit so it is a good idea to run ahead of the balloon and shake all of the fruit from the trees.

The Money Tree
To grow a money tree you must first find the golden spot on the ground. Dig on the spot to create a hole (and to recieve the money buried beneath it). Bury any amount of money you want. In a couple of days, if the tree grows successfully, the tree will be growing money. Each bag of money on the tree contains bells equivalent to the number of bells that you buried to grow the tree in the first place!

The Golden Shovel
To get the golden shovel you must first have 2 shovels. Find the golden spot and bury one of the shovels in it. A golden sprout will appear. After a few days it will mature into a golden tree. When this happens shake the tree and a golden shovel will fall out. The golden shovel gives you a random chance of digging up money whenever you dig.

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The Golden Net
Catch all 40 of the insects to get the golden net. You can use our bug catching guide to help you.

The Golden Fishing Rod
Catch all 40 of the insects to get the golden fishing rod. You can use our fish catching guide to help you.

The Golden Axe
To get the golden shovel you need to keep your town 'Perfect' for 14 days. For your town to be 'perfect' you need to have about 8 to 14 trees in every acre, nothing on the ground and no weeds, stumps or dead saplings in the ground. Speak to the wishing well to help guide you. If the wishing well says "In places of little green... ... a feeling of despair overshadows all else..." this means that you don't have enough trees in that acre. If the wishing well says "Trees are of beauty..." etc. the wishing well is telling you that there are too many trees in that acre. If the wishing well says "Yes, yes, everything feels as it should..." then that means that everything is almost perfect but you either have items lying around on the ground or weeds that still need to be weeded. If the wishing well says "Your town is perfect..." then congratulations! Keep this up for 14 days. On the 15 day talk to the wishing well again and it will reward you with the golden axe. The golden axe is very good because it doesn't break and will hit faster than the shovel does when hitting the special rock everyday.

Change your background
You can change the background of your inventory by moving any type of shirt to the item space that is closest to the bottom right (not the spaces left for letters). Move the shirt down one more space and it will be floating in an invisible section. Press A and your background will change!
Edit: As a change in Animal Crossing: Wild World, the secret area is now located on the bottom LEFT side of the inventory screen. Just drag and drop the shirt and you're done! (Thanks to Victoria for pointing this out!)